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Enter the macabre world of the Ossiarch Bonereapers, a formidable military force born from the dark sorcery of Nagash, the Supreme Lord of the Undead. This boxed set offers a comprehensive introduction to an army like no other - organised, efficient, and terrifying. The Ossiarch Bonereapers are not just warriors; they are bone constructs that march in eerie splendour, swelling their ranks with the bones of the fallen in the Mortal Realms.

Key Features of the Ossiarch Bonereapers Boxed Set:

  • Command with Arch-Kavalos Zandtos: Lead your force with the imposing Arch-Kavalos Zandtos, or alternatively build him as a Liege-Kavalos, each offering a unique presence on the battlefield.
  • Elite Forces and Terrifying Constructs: The set includes a Gothizzar Harvester, 4 Morghast Archai (which can also be built as Morghast Harbingers), and 5 swift Kavalos Deathriders, forming the core of your cavalry.
  • Unstoppable Infantry: Bolster your army with 20 Mortek Guard, relentless and unfeeling soldiers that form the backbone of your force.

Start or Expand Your Army:

  • This set includes 31 meticulously detailed plastic miniatures, offering a variety of build options for a diverse and powerful army.
  • Save money compared to buying each unit separately, making it an ideal choice for both newcomers and seasoned players looking to expand their Ossiarch Bonereapers collection.

Assembly and Customization:

  • All models come with appropriate bases and require assembly.
  • Personalize your army with a myriad of build options and poses.
  • For assembly and painting, we recommend Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints to bring your undead legion to life.

Whether you’re delving into the lore of Warhammer Age of Sigmar or seeking to command an army with unmatched organisation and power, the Ossiarch Bonereapers boxed set is your entry into a realm of deathly majesty. Lead your bone-constructed warriors to harvest the bones of the realms, ensuring the dominion of Nagash remains unchallenged. Prepare to ride down your foes and claim victory in the name of the Undead!

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